Nozbreizh - Extraits (30 sec) -

Artiste Album
Sylvain Barou et Ronan PellenThe last days off fall (2018)


Titre Piste Durée
01-Kitty come down to Limerick - The kid on the mountain (slip jig)100:03:28
02-The rainy day - Sweeney's wheel (reel)200:03:13
03-Humours of Clonmult - Across the road - The last days of fall (slide)300:03:43
04-Tredudon reel - The nine points of Roguery (reel)400:03:30
05-Tomgraney castle - Sean o duibhir an Ghleanna (hornpipe)500:03:04
06-The wounded hussar (slow air)600:04:26
07-Don't touch that green linnett - Jim McBride's - Paddywhack's (jig)700:03:35
08-The lone bush - Terry crehan's - The old pensioner (hornpipe et jig)800:03:55
09-Dark lochnagar (slow air)900:05:42
10-The cat that ate the candle - The first month of spring (slow reel)1000:02:40
11-Men an arz - Korf ar maout - Orgies nocturnes - Job fulup's (ton doubl gavotte)1100:03:40
12-Apanhei-te, cavaquinho (chroro)1200:02:51

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